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Oh Sister Sister! is about style & comfort.

The silhouette of Oh Sister Sister! style is simple and clean, with design details added to make Oh Sister Sister! unique & interesting, suitable for work or play. It is for women who enjoy life, fun, art and beauty. Oh Sister Sister! was established in 2009. Sharon & Brenda do both the buying & oversee the production & finance of the company. Sharon & Brenda have been drawing & designing since children. The business really began as children selling their artwork and paperdolls to neighbors for “candy” money. Oh Sister Sister! is a realization of a childhood dream.


Oh Sister Sister!

Providing High Quality Products

  • Clothes: Dresses, Tops, Jumpers, Pajamas, Pants
  • Accessories: Purses, Scarves, Jewelry, Pins, Pillows
  • And So Much More!

TAXAS SISTER: Sharon McClelland
FLORIDA SISTER: Brenda Sotomayor

Contact Us

TEXAS SISTER: Sharon McClelland
FLORIDA SISTER: Brenda Sotomayor


315 Flying M Ranch Road
Junction, Texas 76849

512-771-3836 (Texas)
561-271-5028 (Florida)